The purpose of the program is to provide students with a series of coursework in a concentrated area of study in the fine and/or performing arts. While many students choose to stay within one strand to gain in depth knowledge of a specific discipline, some students select a more broad approach and elect to take courses across each strand.

Ida Baker 2D Academy

Course Sequence:

 9th Grade: Drawing 1
10th Grade: Drawing 2
11th Grade: Drawing 3 Honors
12th Grade: AP Studio Art 2-D

Addtional Options: Creative Photography

Ida Baker 3D Academy

Course Sequence:

 9th Grade: Ceramics 1
10th Grade: Ceramics 2
11th Grade: Ceramics 3 Honors
12th Grade: AP Studio Art 3-D

Ida Baker Music Academy

Course Sequence:

 9th Grade: Band 1/Chorus 1/Eurhythmics 1/Jazz Ensemble 1/Orchestra 1
10th Grade: Band 2/Chorus 2/Eurhythmics 2/Jazz Ensemble 2/Orchestra 2
11th Grade: Band 3/Chorus 3/Eurhythmics 3/Jazz Ensemble 3/Orchestra 3
12th Grade: Band 4/Chorus 4/Eurhythmics 4/Jazz Ensemble 4/Orchestra 4

Additonal Options: Intro to Music

Ida Baker Theatre Academy

Course Sequence:

 9th Grade: Theatre 1
10th Grade: Theatre 2 and/or Musical Theatre 1
11th Grade: Theatre 3 and/or Musical Theatre 2
12th Grade: Theatre 4 and/or Musical Theatre 3

Additional Options: Theater Tech 1 & 2 and/or Theatre Improv

Affiliated Clubs: 

Drama Club