New Process Coming for Second Semester to Access Interim Grades

Beginning Quarter 3, Interim Grades will be “paperless.” There will be four ways you can view information about your child’s current grades.


  1. Every Thursday, Parentlink e-mails parents their child’s current grades. If you are not yet receiving this weekly update, please login at , go to MY ACCOUNT and adjust your Delivery Preferences to include a current e-mail address.
  2. At ANY time of your choosing, you may login to the Parent FOCUS Portal to view your child’s current grades. Directions are below if need to set up your account and how to view grades.
  3. On each of the 4 remaining official interim dates (2/10, 3/2, 4/27 and 5/18), a Parentlink reminder will be sent out encouraging you to login to the Parent FOCUS Portal to view grades at the three and six week checkpoints.
  4. If you do not have online access via phone or computer to view grades, please contact Lyla Yiris (458-6690) on each of the four interim dates and a paper copy will be printed and sent home with your child.


To set up your account in the Parent FOCUS Portal:

  • Go to
  • Click on Click here to create a Focus Parent Portal Account
  • Follow directions to create an account and add each of your children
  • You will need each of their 8 digit Student ID #’s (kids should know or can be found on prior report cards) and birthdates
  • Be sure to record username and password for future access

To view grades in the Parent FOCUS Portal once account is set up:

  • Go to
  • Enter username and password
  • Click Login
  • To switch between multiple children, use the dropdown list in the upper right hand corner
  • To view assignments and grades, click on Assignments & Grades in the upper left hand corner and choose class you want from the drop down.  The current grade for the class will be directly under the title and the list of each assignment is under that.