Principles of Teaching Academy

This program is designed to prepare college or career bound students for a variety of careers in the education field: elementary or secondary teaching or paraprofessional. The content includes but is not limited to competencies and skills needed to become a professional in the field of education.  This includes an understanding of education in the United States, the ability to work effectively with all students, educational technology, classroom management, student assessment, communication skills, and other skills needed to support the learning activities of students.  This program includes a minimum of 250 Observation and field experience hours to be comleted by the end of the program.

Course Sequence:

 9th Grade: Introduction to the Teaching Profession
10th Grade: Human Growth & Development
11th Grade: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction/ Principals of Teaching Internship
12th Grade: Possible Dual Enrollment


Possible Career Tracks:

  • Teacher
  • Paraprofessional
  • Teaching Assistant


Affiliated Clubs:  Florida Future Educators of America