2019-20 Supply List

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In order to decrease the cost of school supplies each student should purchase the following to cover all classes. Some specific courses will require specific items if your child is enrolled in that course. You can see those specific requests below.

Supplies List for ALL grades Ida S. Baker High School
(1) 3 inch 3-Ring binder 
Loose-leaf notebook paper 
8-10 colored tab subject dividers to separate each academic class with pockets If dividers with pockets cannot be found: One or two folders per subject (8-16 total) for paper without holes 
Zipper pouch to store supplies 
8-10 Sheet Protectors 
Two or more No. 2 pencils 
Two or more ball point pens – (2) blue or black ink, (2) red ink 
o Can be purchased online at ($7.79) or the teacher will have students set up their loose leaf paper for Cornell style note taking 
4 colored highlighter pens 
4 dry erase markers 
Colored pencils 
Graph Paper (¼ inch) 
(2 packs) Index Cards (3x5) 
Calculator (at minimum 4 function - see special considerations below) 
Six-inch ruler 

To leave in 1st period Classroom: 
1 ream of printer paper or 2 packages of college-ruled loose-leaf paper

9th grade English
1 pack of 3x3 Post-It notes

10th grade English
3-subject college ruled notebook
Tape or glue sticks
3x3 Post-it notes

11th grade English
Composition notebook
3x3 Post-it notes

12th grade English
1 ½ inch binder

ESE Department - Learning Strategies 
1 Spiral notebook 
1 Glue stick

ESE - Life Skills
3 boxes wooden pencils 
10 glue sticks 
2 boxes facial tissue 
1 set of markers 1 set of colored pencils 
1 pair scissors 
2 bottles hand sanitizer 
2 composition notebooks 
(2) 1 ½ inch three ring binder 
2 packs of disinfecting wipes 1 pencil box to carry daily supplies Personal care items as needed

Foreign Language
Single Subject spiral notebook
Glue sticks

Manila File Folders
Copy paper
1 dry erase marker
Single Subject spiral notebook

PE Uniform - $15 shirt only; $15 PE shorts only (all leggings must be ¾ or full length); $25 PE shirt & shorts
$3 locker rental
Notebook/Composition notebook


Choose 1 of the following to leave in the classroom. This helps avoid depleting the student’s personal AVID supplies for classroom activities and collaborations. 
o printer paper (colored and/or white) 
o 2 packages of college-ruled loose-leaf paper

Geometry extra:  protractor
Geometry extra:  safety compass (can be purchased at Open House $1.50)
Geometry extra:  scientific calculator 
Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Math Analysis, Pre-calculus, Calculus extra: 
o Scientific Calculator (recommended)
o Graphing Calculator TI-84+ (optional)

Donations appreciated: 
• Printer paper • Loose-leaf paper • Colored printer paper • Tissues
• Sticky Notes • Pink or White erasers • Dry erase markers
• Crayola markers • Sheet Protectors • Glue sticks
• Yellow #2 pencils

Reading Department
Intensive Reading 
(1) 1-inch binder 
Headphones or Earbuds with microphone

Donations appreciated for all Science Classes:
Expo Markers

AP Bio:
2 rolls of tape
Colored pens (ex. Ink Joy)
Plenty of mechanical pencils
1-subject spiral notebook (large size, sturdy, 100 page)
Pack of dry erase markers
1 box of tissues

AP Environmental Science
Graph paper
Colored pencils

Anatomy & Physiology
Graph paper
Colored pencils
Thin Expo marker

Biology 1 (freshman):
2 rolls of tape
Colored pencils
Sturdy 1-subject 100 pg. spiral notebook
Pack of dry erase markers
1 box tissues
1 pair of scissors

Biology 1 (sophomore):
2 rolls of tape
Sturdy 1-subject 100 pg. spiral notebook
1 box of tissues

Biology Honors:
2 rolls of tape
Sturdy 1-subject 100 pg. spiral notebook
Colored pencils
Pack of dry erase markers
1 box tissues
1 pair of scissors

Sturdy 1-subject spiral notebook

Chemistry Honors:
2 spiral notebooks (1 to be left in the classroom)
Colored Pencils

Environmental Science
1 Sturdy, 100 page spiral notebook
1 Pack of colored pencils (12 count)
2 Glue Sticks 

Forensic Science
Colored pencils

Marine Science:
1 sturdy, 100 pg. spiral notebook
Colored pencils (12 count)
2 glue sticks

Social Studies
At least 3 different colored highlighters
RECOMMENDED: AP Human Geography supplemental study book (Princeton Review, Kaplan, Barron’s, 5 Steps to a 5: 500 Questions)

AP Psychology (10-12)
RECOMMENDED: AP Psychology supplemental study book (Kaplan, Barron’s, 5 Steps to a 5)
Plenty of mechanical pencils
1-subject spiral notebook (large size, sturdy, 100 page)
Pack of dry erase markers
1+ highlighters
1 box of tissues
Tab Dividers
Colored Pencils/Markers/Scissors 
*If taking more than one drama class, binder may be shared. Be sure to have dividers.* 

*Additional expense will be required for rental of concert uniforms, instruments and participation in Marching Band* 

Concert Band/Symphonic Band/Jazz Band
__Reeds (at least three working reeds at any given time)
__Brass Mouthpiece
__Instrument Cleaning Kit
__Reusable water bottle
__Black closed toed dress shoes (heal or flats) for ladies 
__Black closed toed dress shoes for men
__Black pants or long skirt (Jazz Band)
__Long sleeve black button down shirt (Jazz Band) 
__Tennis Shoes (Marching Band)
__Sunscreen (Marching Band)
__Sun glasses (if desired – Marching band)
__High black socks for men and women (for Marching Band)
__Comfortable (school appropriate) workout clothes, white tee shirts only (Marching Band)
__1-inch 3 ring binder with sheet protectors (Marching Band)
__Hat (if desired – Marching Band – for outdoor use only!)

__Reusable water bottle
__Comfortable (school appropriate) workout clothes, white tee shirts only
__Hair ties (if needed for long hair)
__Tennis Shoes (used indoors as well as outside)
__Sunglasses (if desired)
__Black Electrical Tape (one roll)
__Black Spandex shirts (for under uniforms as needed)
__Black tank top (for under uniforms as needed)
__Hat – for Marching Band outdoor use only!
__1-inch 3 ring binder with sheet protectors for Marching Band drill

__Bow rosin
__Old rag and clean torn t shirt (for cleaning instrument)
__Black close toed black dress shoes for ladies (heal or flats)
__Black close toed black dress shoes for men
__Black high socks for men

__1-inch black binder (one)
__Black close toed black dress shoes for ladies (heal or flats)
__Black close toed black dress shoes for men
__Black high socks for men

For music specific material, please visit these locations. Either dealer will be happy to help your student be prepared for the upcoming year!

Cadence Music
5215 Ramsey Way, Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 275-6262
First Note Music
461 Del Prado Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33990
(239) 573-3636

Drawing 1 & 2
$20 Material fee
Spiral bound sketchbook (can be purchased at school for $3)
Green spiral notebook with pockets
Pencil top eraser heads
White large eraser

Optional supplies
Set of shading pencils
Set of colored pencils 

Classroom donations
Lysol wipes
Tissues/ Hand sanitizer
Cap erasers
Pencils/Colored pencils
Sharpies (assorted colors)

Creative Photography
Spiral notebook with pockets

Classroom donations
Lysol wipes
Tissues/Hand sanitizer
Reading Composition Book
Colored Pencils
Glue Stick
Skinny dry erase marker

Ceramic 1, 2, 3 
Pencil and eraser, 12 sheets of copy paper 
Donation of $20 material fee (Cash/Check made out to Ida S. Baker)
Seniors ONLY- will need to purchase a sketchbook (students will be able to purchase it at school during the first week for $3.00)

Supply Lists for Academies by Course - Classes listed alphabetically

All Automotive students will need the following supplies to help ensure a successful classroom experience.
1-2 inch binder or 3 pronged folder
Safety glasses will be provided for the student. You may optionally purchase personal safety glasses for hygiene purposes. They must be clear, impact resistant and OSHA approved. A limited number of new glasses are available at $5.00 each. 
Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times.

Level III and IV 
Students will be welding during the year. They will also need:
1 pair of long work pants (blue jeans are acceptable)
1 pair of leather topped shoes
Welding helmets, gloves, long sleeve jackets, and aprons will be provided.
Work shirts and jackets will be made available for purchase at $10 - $20 each.

Criminal Justice:
All criminal justice students need the following supplies for class, regardless of level:
Students are to come to class every day with the following materials:
Their fully charged Chromebook
At least one pen and/or one pencil and one eraser.
A spiral notebook with three-hole punched margins
Some lab work involves mud, plaster, and staining substances.  Students will need to wear “yard work” “throw away” clothes on these days so as not to damage good school clothes.

Optional supply items: If your family is in a position to donate items, cheap printer paper and pencils are always welcomed.

If a parent or guardian is available and willing to be a chaperone for potential field trips, please send an email to Patrick R. Hanrahan at

Criminal Justice 2 students wishing to be certified by the American Heart Association in First Aid/CPR/AED for Adults, Children and Infants are required by the AHA to pay a fee of $20.00 for their certification card.  All students are taught the course materials; certification is not required for the class; and a student’s grade is not impacted in any way for not electing to purchase the certification card.  However, if a student wishes the certification card the AHA requires the fee.
Digital Technology
Optional but appreciated:
Hand sanitizer

Education Academy
One 2 inch 2-Ring binder (Level 1 only)
o This binder will be your Portfolio throughout the program

ALL Levels:
USB/Flashdrive (speed of 2.0)
Multi-colored construction paper
Two folders for paper without holes
8-10 colored tab subject dividers to separate each academic class, volunteer hours, internship hours, etc.
Post-it notes
Colored pencils, markers and/or crayons
Glue sticks, tape

Optional but appreciated:
o Kleenex, hand sanitizer
o Begin collecting old magazines for various projects throughout the year
o Any arts & crafts type supplies for projects (colored copy paper, stencils, stickers, stamps, glitter glue, washable paint, etc.)

8 pack of markers 
Box of Tissues 
Box of gloves (any size) 

Health Science 2: 
Medical scrubs in royal blue or black (option for Health Science 1 and Medical Skills) 

Black medical scrub pants and white medical scrub top for clinicals (may wear medical scrubs of any color when not in clinicals) 
Set of fine tipped Expo markers Watch with a second hand

Fees for CNAs:  CPR Certification $10, Uniform $30.00, Flu Shot $20, Black or White Uniform Shoes – prices range greatly, Fingerprinting $70, Insurance $11.00.

Television Production (All levels)
Flashdrive and SD card for filming (speed of 2.0)

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